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Federico Nusymowicz Period 4 Reconstruction ID Exodusters was a name given to African American migrants who fled the American South for Kansas in the North during the years 1879-1880. After the end of Reconstruction racial oppression and rumors of the reinstitution of slavery led many former slaves to seek an alternative place to live. Many settled on Kansas because of its fame as the land of " John Brown ." The state had a progressive and more tolerant reputation than most other states at the time. It was also well known among African Americans due to the efforts of separatist leaders like Benjamin "Pap" Singleton . The Kansas Exodus was an unorganized mass migration that started in 1879. Wade-Davis Bill of 1864 was a program proposed for the Reconstruction of the South written by two Radical Republicans , Senator Benjamin Wade of Ohio and Representative Henry Winter Davis of Maryland. In contrast to President Abraham Lincoln 's more lenient Ten percent plan , the bill made re-admittance to the Union almost impossible
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