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Works discussed: "New France Proclaimed" "Roger Williams explains. .." A “New France Proclaimed” and “Roger Willliams explains…” are interesting looks at the mindset of the European settler as he moves to “convert” and “educate” the “savages” he encounters. I think a reasonable and likely response from the Native Americans would have been one of distaste, disagreement and certainly some confusion. It would likely express bewilderment with the Frenchmen’s deification of their King, another human, in “New France Proclaimed”. This idea is not widely held among Indians. While there is certainly some higher honor of humans with “powers” evident, by way of shaman and the like, they would certainly be at odds with the idea of honoring a God followed closely by a human “king”. They would have mocked the idea of worshiping a human, pointing to their beliefs that humans are no better than the nature that surrounds them, and in many cases are actually “out
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Unformatted text preview: ranked” by certain aspects of nature (be it an animal, weather, a river, et al.). Roger Williams’ piece takes on a condescending tone and response would certainly be a defensive one. His writing seems to be much more patronizing than that of “New France…”, and even comes off a bit angry at times. Roger Williams seems to dismiss their idea of gods responding to their actions and taking responsibility for the achievements (both good and bad). An Indian would defend their belief that a god is responsible for just about every aspect of their lives and interactions with nature, whether they be beneficial or harmful. Why else would “this” have happened to “them”? All causes and reactions are justified and explained by the response of a god. How could just one god be responsible for so many happenings? It’s clear that these are two belief systems with a very wide chasm to bridge....
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