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JOUR 380 (4/9/08) Last Week Players and coaches in the Media—the circumstances and the manner which they conduct interviews or deal with the media. Tim Hardaway- Gay person rant, insensitive to homosexuals etc. negative effects and had ramifications for him, affected his sponsorship and relationship with NBA. Coaches in the media—coaches have to sensitive to the needs of the teams, St. Louis Bball coach, Rick Mejerus “I’m kind of like a step parent. I didn’t pick them they didn’t pick me. Guest: Mark Eisenberg -just finished writing a book, been writing about sports and sports business for about seven or eight years, loves sports but sees the hypocrisy created in the business. -education of athletes on becoming pros, book “money players…” , NFL and NBA each have programes before the start of first training as a kind of induction/ orientation for new players/rookies. -National letter of intent… contract that is onerous… this just one of the many areas in collegiate sports that people with power/ leverage (coaches, school officials) wield power
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