J380 - The growing influence of business in the world of...

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The growing influence of business in the world of sports today, including examples of how strongly connected the two fields have become Business side of sports (examples) -Clippers and Lakers on roadtrips because the Grammy’s are being held at Staples center. Staples ppl will make money from Grammy’s so players r put in ‘backseat’ for financial gain. - The Phoenix Coyotes signed a one-year marketing deal with PGA Tour player Jeff Quinney to wear the team’s logo on his shirt during all tournaments. Maximizing exposure for your product. Mng. Said an estimate the Quinney is being paid in t low six figures is not far off. -Naming Right: $400 million over 20 yrs. for Barkley to have Barkley’s center in Brooklyn where Nets play -SPORTS CATCHING MORE AD DOLLARS: most ppl watch sports live, n as likely to be TIVO’ed, so they are still a favorite among advertisers. Also, writers strike on other tv -Most successful sports business franchises, like the Yankees, have a strong consistant message from pres. To owner, to gm, to coach, to players, etc. -Every time Tiger Woods is in contention to win a golf tournament the ratings go up significantly. This adds up financially because networks can charge more for ads. Sports divisions of networks and advertisers all want him in. -Large pieces of the billion dollar sports business pie: sponsorship, broadcasting, merchandise, adverstising, tickets/concessions etc. -PSLs-Personal Seat Licenses: person has to make a significant donation to school for best seats (ex. At coliseum), and the donation doesn’t include the $25,000 for season tickets. The history of sports and business, including those influential developments that have significantly impacted the sporting landscape History of Sports - April 1947 Jackie Robinson officially breaks the MLB colorbarrier, playing for GM Rickey’s Brooklyn Dodgers - 1920: Red Sox owner Harry Frazee needs cash to invest in Broadway play and pay off Fenway Park debt, so he sells Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $125,000 and a $300,000 loan. - 1975: an arbitrator grants free agency to MLB pitcher Andy Messersmith and Dave Mcnally, putting an end to MLBs reserve clause 6 yrs. After Curt Flood challenged the clause. Curt Flood Despite his outstanding playing career, Flood's principal legacy developed off the field. He believed that Major League Baseball's decades-old reserve clause was unfair in that it kept players beholden for life to the team with whom they originally signed, even when they had satisfied the terms and conditions of those contracts. the Cardinals traded Flood, to the Philadelphia Phillies However, Flood refused to report to the moribund Phillies, citing the team's poor record and the fact that they played in dilapidated Connie Mack Stadium before belligerent – and, Flood believed, racist – fans; he was also irritated that
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he had learned of the trade from a reporter. He forfeited a relatively lucrative $ 100,000 contract by his refusal to be traded, and consulted with
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J380 - The growing influence of business in the world of...

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