Morphology - carni|vore carne(affix-meat vore(root-eat...

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A. Morphology is the study of morphemes. The smallest unit of meaning. Engine-one morpheme. Engines-two morphemes;” engine” and “s.” John| swim|s; three morphemes. John|swim! Knowledge of morphology allows you to make new words. Lexical gaps are words that could exist but don’t. Morphological Rules o Meaning of morphemes o How they fit together; illegal/legal; necessary/optional o Productive B. Bound and free morphemes. Free are morphemes that can stand alone. Bound can’t stand alone, suffixes and prefixes. Roots and affixes You can have bound roots and bound affixes and you can have free roots and free affixes. Free root: engine, bob, smear, Bound affix: ”-’s”, “-ed” Bound roots: (bound roots are not as common in English as in other languages like Spanish)
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Unformatted text preview: carni|vore: carne (affix)-meat, vore (root)-eat, super|flu|ous Flu|ent Melli|flu|ous Af|flu|ent Flow Affixes come in: Prefixes: pre-, non-, anti-, un-, in-, sub-Suffixes: -ly, -ous, -er, -able, -est Infixes: fukin insert- freakin, fuggin, friggin, un-freakin-believable Circumfixes: in English, a-swimmin’, a-huntin’, a-courtin’ Derivational: Often change the grammatical category of a word, necessary to understand the word completely. All prefixes in English are derivational morphemes. Unhappy, uses un- to get the fullest meaning of the word. Inflectional: don’t necessarily change the meaning of words.-ing, -en, -ed are crossovers between derivational and inflectional. How to find a morpheme when looking at a language. Esperanto language....
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Morphology - carni|vore carne(affix-meat vore(root-eat...

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