Syntax - Syntax: Cominatorial (catergoral) grammar (CCG)...

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Syntax: Cominatorial (catergoral) grammar (CCG) Lexical functional grammar (LFG) Head driven phrase structure grammar (HPSG) Tranformational generative grammar (TG) (PP: principals …) the way the book talks about doing something Minimalism grammar Construction grammar Have to know words not what they mean. Except for TG; know this one well and about Chomsky’s idea of it. Noam Chomsky: is considered the other father of modern linguistics; gave us TG and minimalism (not as important thought). TG: Has a deep structure vs. surface structure 1. DEEP structure> (multi) SS realizations Competence vs. performance If something is going on in your head and there’s know way to prove this theory… Grammatical categories: N, V, Prep, Adj, Adv -determiners and complementizers These are the ones around when Chomsky talked about language… TG/PP: 1955 or 56. Robotics and stuff wouldn’t exist without this grammatical category. Syntax: what is included in you syntactic knowledge -constituency: parts (or groups of words) that function as a single thought unit The man with red shoes was in the cafeteria. All the constituents in the sentence: The man, red shoes, in the cafeteria, the man
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Syntax - Syntax: Cominatorial (catergoral) grammar (CCG)...

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