Chapter 3 Stoichiometry

Chapter 3 Stoichiometry - Chapter 3 Stoichiometry 3....

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Chapter 3 Stoichiometry 3. Stoichiometry Chemical reactions have a profound effect on our lives. The central activity of chemistry is to understand chemical changes such as these, and the study of reactions occupies a central place in this text. We will examine why reactions occur, and the specific pathways they follow. Chemical Stoichiometry is considering the quantities of materials consumed and produced in chemical reactions. First understand the concept of relative atomic masses. 3.1 Atomic Masses A. First information about atomic masses came from Dalton, Gay-Lussac, Lavoisier, Avogadro, Cannizzaro, and Berzelius. B. Modern system of atomic masses is based on 12 C as the standard. Its mass is 12amu. C. Most accurate method for comparing masses of atoms. Mass Spectrometer is an instrument. It changes atoms in +ions by passing them through a beam of electrons that knock electrons off of the atoms. An electric field pushes the ions quickly through a magnetic field that deflects the ion’s paths. The ion’s amount of path deflection depends on its mass. (Bigger move slower). The ions are separated by this. The positions of the ions on the detector plate give accurate values of their relative masses. D. The atomic mass is sometimes called the atomic weight.
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Chapter 3 Stoichiometry - Chapter 3 Stoichiometry 3....

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