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CTCS 190 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE Final Exam Dates: Tuesday Lecture: Thursday Dec. 7, 2:00-4:00pm in Norris Theater * Please note that you must attend the final exam on the date which corresponds to the lecture for which you are registered, unless prior arrangements have been made with the TAs. * students taking the ESL & cumulative exams should speak with their TAs about accomodations * DSP students are responsible for making exam arrangements with the DSP Center. This study guide is intended to give you examples of possible exam topics. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF TERMS OR QUESTIONS — there will be items on the exam not listed herein. You are responsible for all the readings, lectures, film notes, and discussion section materials. However, we would recommend paying particular attention to the following sections of the course reader, Introduction to Film: A Companion Reader : Types of Realist/Formalist Filmmaking – pages 179-186 Production Personnel and their Functions – pages 214-222 Various Types of Academic Criticism and their Respective Methodologies – pages 351-355 Most of the questions will be short essays, so you should focus on the use of the following concepts and terms in relation to the films we have seen in class: Films: You should be able to discuss each of the films listed below in regards to any of the terms, issues, and concepts discussed in class. The questions which follow are a good place to start preparing for the exam. You should be able to cite SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM SPECIFIC FILMS seen in class & also be able to incorporate course terminology in your answer/analysis. The Great Train Robbery Rear Window Mystic River Sunset Boulevard Meet Me in St. Louis A Shot in the Dark Two for the Road Wolf Marty Written on the Wind A Fistful of Dollars High Sierra White Heat Goodfellas Pulp Fiction The Razor’s Edge Shop Around the Corner Citizen Kane Exam Format: The format of the final is similar to the midterm. The exam will again be comprised of two parts. The first part will provide five terms or concepts; you will be asked to explain their relevance to the aesthetics and history of film. The second part will provide six essay questions; you will choose five of these.
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Issues to incorporate into essays: be prepared to discuss some of the following issues in short essay questions. You should be able to cite SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM SPECIFIC FILMS. 1) REALISM AND FORMALISM • Define realism as a film style • Define formalism as a film style • How does each one invoke an attitude/state of mind/world view? • What mode of representation does each style employ? • What is privileged: form or content? Why? How? To what degree? • How is the spectator positioned relative to each style? In other words, what are the filmmaker’s goals? How does he/she want the audience to react?
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