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Erin Marek 11/13/07 LIN 306 Sociolinguistics People I know: 1. Chris, 20, male, English Differences: Phonological: He says boots with kind of more of an [o] instead of a [u] Lexical: Says things like “Shoot yeah!” and “Gosh Darnit!” The difference comes from the fact that he has a strong country accent and I don’t. 2. Nick, 19, male, English Differences: Phonological: He says ruint like [ ]. Lexical: calls everything a bath even if it’s a shower, and says used to instead of use to. The difference comes from the fact that he is almost completely deaf and I have normal hearing. 3. Katherine, 18, female, English Differences: Phonological: Pronounces monster and mustard like [ ] and [ ] rather than like [ ] and [ ]. Lexical: Says supposeably instead of supposedly.
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Unformatted text preview: The difference probably comes from the fact that she is from Indian descent and Im from Irish descent. Stereotypes: 1. Hillbillies (from Beverly Hillbillies) Phonological: Pronounce you like [j ] instead of [ju]. Lexical: They call things varmint instead of annoying person or pest, and they say betcha instead of bet you. 2. Stoners on Grandmas Boy Phonological: They speak slower and lower. Lexical: They say man, bro, kid, and dude a lot. 3. Pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean Phonological: They drop their vs so they say oer instead of over, speak in only present tense. Lexical: They call everyone ye instead of you, and say me instead of I....
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