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Essay #3

Essay #3 - Pham 1 Duy Stephen Pham Dr Steinberg English...

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Pham 1 Duy Stephen Pham Dr. Steinberg English Composition 3.37 29 November 2007 Essay #3: The Land of Liberty During the 17 th century, pilgrims fled from England and sailed to America in order to escape religious persecution. These pilgrims were victims of discrimination and inequality, seeking a land where they could live in freedom and fairness; and so, America was their destination. This ideal of liberty is the main foundation for the development of the United States and has become the widespread identity of this country, as every citizen is essentially a pilgrim trying to find universal fairness and acceptance. However, as many variations of people endeavor to gain this state of fairness, a blur is created between the ideal of freedom and the ideal of equality. The crucial question arises of whether equality, which is seen as a fundamental principle, is truly what this nation needs, as equality restricts everyone to a state of uniformity while freedom allows each person to embrace his or her diversity. Therefore, due to the many restrictions from the pursuit of equality, America has come to the point of no freedom. Through many subtle, yet very influential aspects of society, various groups of people are faced with discrimination due to a number of sociological molds that confine individuality. In order to amend this problem, America must accept of all types of variations rather than force everyone to conform to specific traditional molds. By doing so, America can truly become the country of liberty that each pilgrim comes to the country to find. Harmony, fairness, and freedom among all diverse persons will ensue, and America can perhaps further achieve its ambition of becoming a utopia, the shining city upon a hill.
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Pham 2 The meaning of equality can be very loosely interpreted, because rather than establishing fairness without social stratification, the principle of equality actually develops the requirement that one must conform to the superior culture in order to gain this privilege of equality. There exists the common term of the melting pot, which significantly represents the conditions in America today. The most common understanding of this phrase would be that all cultures are placed into this melting pot where they are fused into one great American culture. Moreover, it is apparent that people are actually forced into this American way; different types of people are coerced to forget their individual traits and cultures and instead conform to this supreme culture.
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Essay #3 - Pham 1 Duy Stephen Pham Dr Steinberg English...

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