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Pham 1 Duy Stephen Pham GE Cluster 66A – Los Angeles Section 1B 25 October 2007 Bus Tour: Line 2, 11 October 2007, 3 P.M. Los Angeles: An Atypical Metropolis When a foreign person is introduced to an entirely new environment, he or she must utilize what common information that he or she might have acquired in the past, which in many cases can turn out to be generalizations and stereotypes. Thus, when someone is brought to the large city of Los Angeles, the person might immediately think of and visualize the common images of a city and its attributes – large skyscrapers, crowded streets, countless pedestrians, dense populations, and other recurring stereotypes. However, when presented to Los Angeles, an observer can conclude that Los Angeles most definitely defies widespread generalizations, as there are so many variations that common impressions cannot describe. Riding on the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus from Westwood to Venice High School, it is highly apparent that there is no one trend of Los Angeles that can be found during the busy afternoons. All aspects are changed from block to block, and the city becomes so diverse that it is almost unpredictable. And so, oversimplifications cannot be created regarding this complex metropolis. The only conclusion that one can make about the people and the environment of Los Angeles is that the setting is nearly indescribable; it is so varied that diversity and randomness have become the underlying theme of Los Angeles. In observing Los Angeles, it is nearly impossible to classify the people and their characteristics. Los Angeles has evolved to become the perfect antithesis of the typical, idealized
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Pham 2 American lifestyle. A common conventional image may be that of a perfect suburban neighborhood with a strong sense of conformity and little deviation. However, Los Angeles and its citizens demonstrate the exact opposite. Throughout the streets of the city and sitting in buses, there are numerous types of people. The variety is so vast that it is difficult to obtain an overview. The people on the bus range from high school and even elementary students going either home or to a common hang out location to blue-collar employees on their way to
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Bus Tour Essay - Pham 1 Duy Stephen Pham GE Cluster 66A Los...

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