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Art paper 2 - Danny O'Leary Discuss the architectural...

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Danny O’Leary 11/20/07 Discuss the architectural evolution of the Hindu temple in South India ( Dravida typology) from its inception during the time of the Pallavas, up to the fully developed temple-cities of Madurai and Srirangam. Architectural evolution growth is continually happening through every era throughout the exist stance of mankind. Different time periods bring new discoveries and techniques, which change the process of building all architectural structures. During the era from the Pallavas through the Srirangam city the architectural development specifically focusing on the Hindu temples far exceeded any other time period. The most important architectural aspect that makes this era the most important was the use of stone as the main raw material in the construction of the Hindu temples. The evolution of stone in Hindu temples started with king Mahendra of Pallava who created a home for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva without the use of bricks timber, metals and mortar (Dehejiac 185.) Rock cutting was a skill that had already evolved in Western India but was first brought to Southern India by Mahendra. This started the tumbling effect that caught on through all Hindu temples because everyone after Mahendra realized if they wanted to have the most beautiful and sacred temples that would last the longest that they would have to use stone. Even though Mamallapuram started the popular development of using stone, half of the monuments that are still standing today are unfinished because they used granite which is the very time-consuming to construct.
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Art paper 2 - Danny O'Leary Discuss the architectural...

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