C401Ch22LN1 - Chapter 22: Nuclear Chemistry or...

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Chapter 22: Nuclear Chemistry or RadioChemistry Part 1 In a chemical reaction, the electrons are what’s important. But the nuclei of elements may undergo changes as well. When the nuclei of elements change either spontaneously or when forced a nuclear reaction has occurred. Nuclear reactions give off enormous amounts of energy for the very small masses involved. They are also dangerous to our bodies, but they have medical applications which can save our lives. Nuclear rxns are unaffected by temperature, pressure, or by catalysts. They do have 1 st -order kinetics. Radioactivity The nucleus contains the nucleons : protons and neutrons. So the Mass Number gives you the number of nucleons. How many nucleons does C-14 contain? You should remember the above notation as an isotopic notation for the isotope C-14. Remember isotopes? Isotopes of an element have the same Atomic Number, Z, but have different # of neutrons. How else are isotopes different? If an isotope emits radiation, then it is a radioactive isotope, or a radioisotope or a radionuclide . Every element has at least 1 radioisotope! What are the 3 common types of radiation and what are they? Nuclear Decay Reactions or Nuclear Reactions Radioisotopes aren’t stable and so they spontaneously undergo nuclear reactions and emit particles and/or electromagnetic radiation. This process is called
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C401Ch22LN1 - Chapter 22: Nuclear Chemistry or...

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