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Federico Nusymowicz Rawls Essay I was very surprised while researching John Rawls; he seems the equivalent of a contemporary philosopher the magnitude of Locke or Hobbes, and I felt extremely ignorant about the fact that I had never heard of him. His ideas have very humanistic tendencies; and, while he applies empirical data to substantiate these notions (I cannot say this for sure however, without having personally read any of his works, but it seems like a fair assumption), his works are nonetheless tainted by normative thought. Then again, this taint might have proven to be the driving force of his greatness. His ideas regarding reflective equilibrium, overlapping consensus, etc., while fascinating, pertain mostly to the philosophical world (although the fact that they have certain applications in the world of economics is undeniable). In this essay I will, however, focus on the economical aspect of his utilitarian philosophy; somewhat reflected in his theory of the original position, in which he states (as part of the theory)
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