Freedom Vs. Order

Freedom Vs. Order - 2.01 1 Select either Shays Rebellion or...

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2.01 1) Select either Shays' Rebellion or ADA, 1990 and discuss how it is an example of Freedom vs. Order and Equality. Shay’s rebellion serves as the foundation of the argument of Freedom vs. Order in American history; it was a major impetus behind Hamilton and his Federalists’ idea of a centralized, powerful government against the Jeffersonian notions of a weaker union, where the strict construction of the constitution would relegate the majority of powers to state governments. The postulated argument stated that by foregoing some of the excessive freedoms previously granted in the Articles of Confederation, states would in turn gain the security only attainable through a powerful central entity. Harrowed by the events of Shay’s Rebellion, and more so by its potential offspring, the Constitution, through a complex series of compromises, was finally ratified, granting states the security of a powerful, centralized army (shortly thereafter used to crush the Whiskey Rebellion, quickly and painlessly). 2) What freedoms are most important to you? Answering this very broad question would burn thousands of virtual rainforests, and the answer would shift shapes depending upon one’s definition of the word “freedom.” But, assuming Locke’s, Jefferson’s,
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Freedom Vs. Order - 2.01 1 Select either Shays Rebellion or...

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