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Libertarian Party - 4.02 Third Parties Go to Ron...

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4.02 – Third Parties Go to Ron Gunzburger's Directory of U.S. Political Parties to read information about third parties. Select one third party. Libertarian Party Answer the following questions: Discuss the general platform of this party. Libertarians could, to an extent, be summarized as social liberals and economic conservatives. They hold the firm belief that the government’s only duty is to uphold social order, but not to intervene in the individual’s private life; to maximize surplus, or what a utilitarian philosopher would call utility, while leaving the controversial issue of equity to solve itself by the undeniable forces of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.” They are “pro-drug legalization, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-home schooling, anti-gun control, etc.” while also “anti-welfare, anti-government regulation of business, anti- minimum wage, anti-income tax, pro-free trade, etc.” What candidates have run as a member of this party? Several candidates have ran for, and attained, lower government offices since the party’s
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Libertarian Party - 4.02 Third Parties Go to Ron...

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