PAC Analysis

PAC Analysis - supporting sympathetic candidates who will...

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Federico Nusymowicz 4.13 – PAC 1. Name of PAC: American Federation of Teachers Committee on Political Education (AFTCOPE) 2. Goal of PAC: “The purposes of the Committee on Political Education are: 1. To support and strengthen the commitment of the citizens and the government to excellence in education at all levels. 2. To promote and strive for the improvement of the public by encouraging and stimulating educators to take a more active part in governmental affairs pertaining to public education. 3. To encourage educators to know and understand the nature and action of their government and the important political issues as they pertain to public education.” 3. Membership: (How many members are there in this PAC? Generally, who are members?) 1,000,000+, usually teachers interested in increased political education for America. 4. Specific policy aims or recent legislation: To increase the awareness of political issues in public schools of all levels, while
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Unformatted text preview: supporting sympathetic candidates who will in turn grant members a stronger position in the bargaining table. Currently, there are legislative battles going on to grant teachers higher pensions and health benefits in Washington and Trenton. 5. Amount of money given to candidates: 2003-2004 Campaign Cycle: $1,239,854.00 2005-2006 Campaign Cycle: $1,199,050.00 6. Which candidates benefit the most from this PAC? Democratic candidates tend to get most of the proceeds from this party (99%), but since the AFTCOPE has no party designation, some Republican candidates get funds from the AFTCOPE as well (1%). 7. Any other important facts: (Leadership, Advertising, etc.) AFTCOPE raises its funds from optional paycheck deductions by union members, usually of $2.00, but sometimes of more. The AFTCOPE’s central office is located in 555 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20001 and its current treasurer is Nathaniel LaCour....
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PAC Analysis - supporting sympathetic candidates who will...

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