Watergate and Impeachment

Watergate and - 3 Do you think that impeachment is a good"safety valve" in American Democracy Why or why not I do think impeachment serves

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5.08 – Watergate and Impeachment Choice A: 1. What do you find most interesting about the Watergate scandal? I actually find it interesting that Nixon was clumsy enough to get caught. When so much as the presidential office is at stake, you would think a man smart and powerful enough to become president would at least take the precaution of keeping legally dubious activities completely unrelated to him, with no possible traces whatsoever, even if he did indeed commit them. That he taped incriminating conversations, and left any trace of his connection to the Watergate scandal, not to mention the fact that he got discovered and almost impeached, baffles me. 2. What are the lasting effects of Watergate? Watergate caused a lasting mistrust in politics and politicians, and, most probably, a sharp decrease in external political efficacy among Americans. Extensive (though somewhat ineffective) campaign reform was enacted, and new words were added to our political dictionary.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Do you think that impeachment is a good "safety valve" in American Democracy? Why or why not? I do think impeachment serves as a good “safety valve”: if the president did something that was obviously legally and morally wrong, as was the case in Watergate, allowing him to remain in office would be preposterous. The American people would demand removal; demonstrations, protests, and all kind of public dissent would ensue. Allowing the process to quietly take place in Congress (relatively speaking) is the rational thing to do. Response to Fayette Brunn: I agree with everything you said Fayette, though I doubt impeachment "hangs" over a president’s head constantly - in fact, there were probably many more illegal bribes, scandals, etc. than we know that were kept undercover. Response to Melissa Rushnell: I agree with your answers, checks and balances are yet another reason impeachment is an important safety valve....
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