Nominating Supreme Court Justices

Nominating Supreme Court Justices - 6.02 Nominations of...

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6.02 – Nominations of Supreme Court Justices Robert Bork 1. Describe the nomination process for this judge. This should go into some detail about his previous rulings and ease of the nomination process and any other significant events that occurred during the hearing of the nominee. Reagan nominated Bork for the seat of the Supreme Court on July 1, 1987, after Lewis Powell’s retirement. Bork was decidedly conservative, and he had written several books and articles expressing his opinions; his originalist views clearly implied he would overturn the Roe v. Wade decision should he get the seat, among other things. Before Reagan even nominated anyone, Senate (Democratically controlled) told Reagan to get ready for a fight, because they would oppose any conservative nomination he made. Accordingly, Democratic senator Ted Kennedy delivered a “Robert Bork’s America” speech after Reagan made his nomination, in which he condemned the nominee as ultra- conservative and pro-government to the point of making him look tyrannical. There were no responses to these allegations and slandering for over two months, and the speech, which was nationally televised, gained momentum. In October 23, 1987, Senate finally rejected Bork’s confirmation. 2. Why do you think the president nominated this particular judge? Are there any patterns in presidential nominations? If so, does this nominee follow the pattern? Reagan nominated Bork, indubitably, because of his ultra-conservative ideology, which went hand in hand with Reagan’s own views. Reagan, as a conservative Republican, naturally preferred to nominate conservative Republicans to the Supreme Court bench, so
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Nominating Supreme Court Justices - 6.02 Nominations of...

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