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Chronology of Descartes' life and works 1596 born at La Haye nears Tours on 31 March 1606-14 attends Jesuit college of La Flèche in Anjou (Descartes is known to have stayed at La Flèche for eight or nine years, but the exact dates of his arrival and departure are uncertain. Baillet places Descartes' admission in 1604, the year of the College's foundation – A. Baillet, La vie en M. Des-Cartes , 1691). 1616 takes Baccalauréat and License in law at University of Poitiers 1618 goes to Holland; joins army of Prince Maurice of Nassau; meets Issac Beeckman; composes a short treatise on music, the Compendium Musicae 1619 travels in Germany; 10 November: has vision of new mathematical and scientific system 1622 returns to France; during next few years spends time in Paris, but also travels in Europe 1628 composes Rules for the Direction of the Mind ; leaves for Holland, which is to be his home until 1649, though with frequent changes of address 1629 begins working on The World 1633 condemnation of Galileo; Descartes abandons plans to publish
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Unformatted text preview: The World 1635 birth of Descartes' natural daughter Francine, baptized 7 August (died 1640) 1637 publishes Discourse on the Method , with Optics, Meteorology and Geometry 1641 Meditations on First Philosophy published, together with Objections and Replies (first six sets) 1642 second edition of Meditations published, with all seven sets of Objections and Replies and Letter to Dinet 1643 Cartesian philosophy condemned at the University of Utrecht; Descartes' long correspondence with Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia begins 1644 visits France; Principles of Philosophy published 1647 awarded a pension by King of France; begins work on Description of the Human Body 1648 publishes Comments on a Certain Broadsheet ; interviewed by Frans Burman at Egmond-Binnen ( Conversation with Burman ) 1649 goes to Sweden on invitation of Queen Christina; The Passions of the Soul published 1650 dies at Stockholm on 11 February...
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