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Do You Have Love For New York? 1 Jacqueline Cremer COMM 101 Brad Jones Section 012 31 January 2008 Do You Have Love For New York? Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard made her first “Celebreality” debut in 2006 on VH1’s Flavor of Love. The show featured early nineties rapper, Flavor Flav, and his quest for love among twenty love-hungry ladies. New York quickly became a viewer favorite with her feisty attitude and general dislike for all the women in the house. After being spit on by one of the other contestants, Pumpkin, New York gained world recognition even after Flav rejected her on the last episode. With Flavor Flav unable to find true love, he took another stab with Flavor of Love 2. New York was invited back to shape up the new set of ladies but when sparks between her and Flav resurfaced, she was asked to stay as a contestant and attempt to win the heart of her man once more. In what seemed to be a recurring theme, New York’s hopes of finding love in Flav were diminished as she was rejected a second time. This final loss of love worked as a catalyst for VH1 as the determined New York started her own show, I Love New York. Following the along the same lines as its predecessor, twenty, nicknamed men competed for New York’s heart. After narrowing it down to her final decision, she was engaged to the handsome Tango. As luck would have it, on the reunion show, poor New York was foiled again and off to start a second season, I Love New York 2. This time around was different, VH1 fans
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Do You Have Love For New York? 2 voted and picked a few of the men as did her mother. With more drama in the house than ever before, New York had a difficult time following her heart. Whether it was his nauseating charm, or his endless supply of gifts, Tailor Made won the love of New York. On the reunion show, Tailor Made and New York admitted to have been living together
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Comm 101. New York - Do You Have Love For New York? 1...

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