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Reuben’s Loss During his interview, Reuben discusses the importance of one’s past. He says that one cannot have a future without a past. He also feels that one can have a bad past but one can correct certain things about it. By writing down what happened he believes the past may be corrected by preventing it in the future. Reuben takes a long pause after talking about the past events. He seems to be contemplating his previous statements about being able to correct the past. Following the pause he disagrees with himself and proclaims that nothing will be the same for the Jewish people
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Unformatted text preview: anymore. That what was taken from them can never be returned. His use of good people to describe the Jews affected by the Holocaust projects an inquisitive attitude as if to ask what they had done to deserve this. The change in his thinking before and after the pause seems to be due to a need to convince himself of what he said prior to the pause. He may try to tell himself that the Holocaust can be corrected but I think the pause indicates his struggle to believe its true....
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