Holocaust. Short Writing

Holocaust. Short Writing - Short Writing 1 I t seems that...

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Unformatted text preview: Short Writing 1. I t seems that the Nuremburg Laws were created to put fi rm policy on the Jews of Germany. The Nazi Party's actions against the Jews were having negative economic consequences on Germany and it was thought that placing strong control on the Jews would help refresh the economy. The Nazi's needed the Nuremburg Laws in order to protect the Aryan race. One of the main focuses of the laws prevents mar riage and intercourse between Jews and Germans which prevented the creation of "mixed blood." The Nuremburg Laws were simply instated to completely deprive the Jewish of their r ights as citizens. 2. Robert Proctor's book, The Nazi War on Cancer, appears to be daring to force us to consider different aspects during the t ime of the Holocaust. He describes the health activism expressed by Nazi leaders and their scientific advances that are overshadowed by their association with this t ragic event. He obviously wanted to pan the focus of the reader over to the hidden progress brought about by the Nazi's and the perspective that during the Holocaust there seemed to be more in between areas than just simply good and evil. ...
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Holocaust. Short Writing - Short Writing 1 I t seems that...

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