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Andrew Golden Dr. Silverman H. Forensic Science 23 Jan. 2008 Our Nations Top Computer Aided Design (CAD) Programs Forensic science is one of the fasting growing fields of study, providing more and more jobs everyday as technology improves and crime rates rise. Modern television shows such as “CSI: Miami” and “Without A Trace” make the work of the crime scene teams seem extremely easy, and don’t do the justice of showing how skilled and knowledgeable the investigators truly are. Many years of practice and studying are involved in order to do the seemingly simple tasks of a forensic scientist. In or after college, some aspiring forensic investigators take classes in Computer Aided Design (CAD) so they can be responsible for recreating crime scenes and letting investigators better piece together the puzzles and mysteries of crimes.
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Unformatted text preview: Three of our nation’s top CAD programs belong to the CDM Institute of New Jersey, the CDM Institute of Pennsylvania, and the Westwood College of Colorado. Each of these programs offers students the latest and greatest computer design software and the most experienced and knowledgeable professors to provide them with the best education for Computer Aided Design. Requirements include a high school diploma, administrative interview, and employment in a design, engineering or drafting position or possession of sufficient occupational competencies. One student at the CDM Institute of New Jersey said, “My classes at CDM were focused on real world situations and my instructor was extremely proficient and patient,” demonstrating the applicability of what’s learned in the classroom to what is needed to succeed in the workplace....
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