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Andrew Golden Mr. Miller AP Government 8/20/07 Is the American philosophy of government unique to the world, or is the implementation of the philosophy through its governing documents what makes it unique? In 1789, the year of the constitution’s ratification, our government was the only one of its kind. With new and innovating ideas from the collaboration of great minds like James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton, our constitution was the first to include a Bill of Rights, to protect unalienable rights, and to truly protect the minority in this vast democracy. At first, many other nations were skeptical of the success of our new government, coming from an era where the totalitarian monarchy was the most popular form of government, but after observing the great success of our nation as it soared to the top of the list of world powers, other nations have began to mimic our form of government. France, for example, has instated a similar type of government that follows the same three branch (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) system of
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