John Brown Civil War Essay FINAL

John Brown Civil War Essay FINAL - Andrew Golden Mr....

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Andrew Golden Mr. Gruskin AP U.S. History 2 March 2007 John Brown: Murderer or Martyr? It was 1859 and slowly burning away, was the fuse of the Civil War, which, with disunion and secession, could explode at any moment. Northern abolitionists fought to prevent southern secession in order to preserve the union, while the South threatened to secede in order to preserve slavery. The United States, on the brink of disunion over the slavery issue, could have held together or divided, crumbled, and been lost. During this time of trouble, abolitionists in the North dedicated their lives to eliminating slavery in the United States, once and for all. One such abolitionist, John Brown, schemed “to secretly invade the South with a handful of followers, call upon the slaves to rise, furnish them with arms, and establish a kind of black free state as a sanctuary” (Bailey and Kennedy 432). John Brown’s obsessive dedication to the abolitionist cause is one to be admired. Believing he received a mandate from Jesus himself to rid the world of the evil serpent of slavery, “Old Brown” of Osawatomie, Ohio was responsible for leading a number of violent attacks on southern proslaveryites. The tough, strong-willed, and thin figure moved to Kansas, from his home of Ohio after various accounts of horse theft and fraudulent business dealings (Bailey and Kennedy 423). Kansas, during this time period, was the center of a North-South feud of slavery. With the southern proslaveryites claiming the Kansas territory as slave state, and the northern abolitionists claiming
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John Brown Civil War Essay FINAL - Andrew Golden Mr....

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