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Political Parties - Andrew Golden Mr. Gruskin AP US History...

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Andrew Golden Mr. Gruskin AP US History 20 November 2006 The Two Party System in America: A History The existence of two party systems is a very recent trend in the world history of civilizations. Today, countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Brazil, Belize, Colombia, and Portugal are of the nearly thirty countries that maintain or have had some form of two party divisions in the government. Major parties are widely spread unions of people that share similar views on a multitude of subjects, from taxation to abortion and to foreign policies to gay marriage. Accepting many different opinions and devising positions based on such opinions, major parties prevent themselves from becoming based on narrow ideologies. The United States constitution itself provided much reason for division and debate; The states’ rights are guarded by the tenth amendment, which states powers are reserved to the states and to the people, while the federal government is empowered by the elastic clause. As time has shown, these two sections of the constitution cause much necessary dispute and allowed for the two political parties to uniquely grow apart and develop opposing views for domestic and economic factors, foreign policy, and acceptance of democracy and individual rights. In some cases, like that of the United States, these political parties sustain an easily recognizable ideology and identity. In the United States, the Republican and Democratic parties hold the top positions for political parties in the government and when voting, the people choose between these two major parties and side with the one whom they share more similar ideas and views with. This two party system truly took effect after Lincoln’s presidency and the Civil War,
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when ideology about slavery and other factors divided the country. The advantage of having a two party system provides one form of checks and balances in a government, for if one political
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Political Parties - Andrew Golden Mr. Gruskin AP US History...

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