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war of 1898 - A Causal Analysis of the War of 1898 The War...

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A Causal Analysis of the War of 1898 The War of 1898, lasting from April 1898 to December 1898, was one of the shortest wars in American history, but its effects can still be seen into the mid- twentieth century. In the war of 1898 The United States, seizing the opportunity, declared war on Spain and asserted their place as world super power in the process. The roots of this war can be traced back to the Cuban struggle for independence from Spain, and the American fixation on Cuban independence. Using Yellow Journalism, the American people were convinced to enter a war for the freedom Cuban’s people from Spanish rule. Yellow journalism can be defined as sensationalism, or other unethical practices by the news media; extremely biased reporting. Much of the yellow journalism during the period leading up to the Spanish- American War can be attributed to Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, who owned “New York World” and “The New York Journal” respectively. Hearst and Pulitzer were relentless, sometime’s accurately, in reporting on the rebellion in Cuba and the atrocities committed by the Spanish. Some of the stories were patently false. Many stories used depictions of rape, slaughter, and gruesome murders. Hearst and Pulitzer can accurately be referred to as War Hawks, that is they were relentlessly pushing for war. These graphic depictions were enough to convince the American Public that the Spanish were unfairly persecuting the Cubans, and the only way to stop them was American Intervention. Hearst best summarized his position on the war when he said to an illustrator “You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war". Much of the Spanish atrocities against the Cubans that were being reported
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war of 1898 - A Causal Analysis of the War of 1898 The War...

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