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Uncle toms cabin - -1Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A Critical...

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- 1 - Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A Critical Anyalsis Uncle Tom’s cabin by Harriot Beacher Stowe was published 1852 and quickly became a best seller. The book was written in response to the Fugitive salve law and clearly tired to shed light on the moral horrors of slavery. . Haritt Beacher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin to address the evils of slavery and the conflicting vaulus of christiaity and slavery, and in doing so furthered the abolisionist cause. When anyalising a book such as Uncle Tom;s Cabin, it’s important to explore the author in order to undestand the her perspective. Harriet Beacher Sote’s father was a minister, and her 7 brotheres eventually chose the same profession. Stowe’s sister became social reform writer and women’s right activist. While Sotowe was originally a writer for pure monetary reasons, she was urged to write the book by her sister after the apssage of the Slave Fugitive Act. Stowe’s backround is important because it demonstates that Stowe had a purpose for writing this novel. It wasn’t just a story, it had a pupose. Stowe first purspose was to convince the reader than slavery is evil
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Uncle toms cabin - -1Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A Critical...

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