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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon E-mail preferred: mus354 [email protected] The Beatles John Hannon – vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, song writer Paul McCartney – vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, song writer George Harrison – (Jazz), vocals, lead guitar, song writer (“something”) Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) – vocals, drums Left-handed: Paul and Ringo Paul is a perfectionist Ringo – short, more like human being, oldest, older than John by 3 month 4 stage career – 1958-1963 – formative, U.K. hits 62-63: “ Please please me”, “Love me do” 63: “She loves you, yeah yeah yeah”, “I want to hold your hand” 1964-1965 – U.S. and World tours, pop hits 1966-1968 – psychedelic sound and concept albums concept albums; pictures, lyrics include 1968-1970 – individual styles emerge John’s soul mate is one of the many factors lead to their breakup “Let it be” country western – British Pop Musical first include: wrote most of own material “Yesterday” – 25 versions “something” – 100 versions self contained and self taught Self-taught: skills came from experiences George Martin – the 5 th beatle, Beatles’ producer studio experiment and concept albums o growth – John became remarkable guitarist Paul – art of photography o detail – they spent time to make it work out (whenever they want it to be) o humor – make private insight jokes; they appreciated each other’s humor Ringo – best Beatle humorer new artistic and sales standards sales standards are huge: on average, each of them made $7,000 per hour, 24 hrs a day
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In general – John wrote and perform limitless variety of musical sounds and structures (self created) huge impact on music and culture Liverpool, England – 1940 – John Lennon was born 1950 – learns music from mother 1957 – performs with own “skiffle” band, the Quarry Men – meets Paul after concert (Paul’s dad is a musician.) 1958 – George Harrison joins – three guitar line up - the youngest Beatle “That’ll be the day” Buddy Holly Song Lennon sings lead, harmony by Paul, George – guitar solo Earliest released recording 1958 Neil (the driver) and Mal (big guy, creative, never get credit on giving out great ideas for the Beatles) Allen Williams, Bob Willers “In spite of the Danger” – 1958 (the only) Paul and George composition John sings lead, Paul harmony – duet style George – guitar solo, - blues 1960 – Stu Sutcliffe joins on bass – Beatals “You’ll be mine” Lennon and McCartney original – early Influenced by Ink Spots Paul sings lead, high harmony by John John adds humorous narrative
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beatles test 1 - http/ E-mail...

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