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beatles test 3 - Exam#3 notes Late 66 last U.S concert S.F...

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Exam #3 notes: Late ’66 – last U.S concert – S.F. John meets Yoko Ono Early ’67 – new “double A” sided single “Penny Lane” Remixed version for Anthology 2 – bridge features English horn and trumpets, later disregarded Extra piccolo trumpet at end Paul’s song, with John’s help Lyrics are nostalgic, use slang Paul plays Arco string bass and flute, John and George Martin on piano, Ringo and George on percussion Major and minor key shifts Promo film made, Beatles now have facial hair Early music video Capitol Records in U.S. pushed for early release “Strawberry Fields Forever” Demo sequence: John alone at home Take 1 in studio, alternate arrangement Take 7 with extra verse and longer ending, Paul on mellotron-flute sound Psychedelic nostalgic song, surreal lyrics Great use of various sounds and instruments single version combined two takes: first recorded at different speeds, then adjusted and remixed Bizarre promo film made John says “cranberry sauce” at end, misheard as “ I buried Paul” George Martin involved with production techniques Summer, ’67- Sgt . Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band released Sound track for ’67 “Summer of Love” – hippie movement, album unifies its audience Huge impact on culture at large Elevated Pop art and music Huge advanced sales and chart success “album of the country” – Rolling Stone Magazine “concept” album – song segue into other songs- programmed like concert, “suite like” Music influenced by Beach Boys and Frank Zappa’s Paul and assistant Mal Evans conceive Nance and Beatles’ “ alter ego band” concept
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Masterpiece of studio sounds and techniques- innovative and experimental Takes 700 hours and costs $75,000 to record Beatles’ marijuana use influenced process and product First album “package” – includes cardboard inserts, lyrics printed on back Front cover famous Pop art- Beatles in Victorian band uniforms next to wax figures of younger Beatles in front of famous people cutouts Beatles have mixed reviews regarding album Some critics feel songs not as good as last two albums Subtle parody of Pop medium Rock recordings become music to listen to, artistic level “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Take 1: George Martin’s analysis Take 2: track from album Paul’s song, M. Evans receives some royalties Introduces album’s concept of mythical band John and George on lead guitars, George Martin on organ Four session French horn players Song reprised at end of side 2 Song segues into next one directly “With a Little Help from My Friends” Original title, “Badfinger Boogle” Melodic bass lines Call and response harmonies “drug” reference upsets some ’68 cover hit for Joe Cocker “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Take 1: George Martin and Paul comment
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beatles test 3 - Exam#3 notes Late 66 last U.S concert S.F...

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