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beatles test 4

beatles test 4 - Exam#4 notes"Revolution 1 John's song...

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Exam #4 notes: “Revolution 1” John’s song, first (“slow”) version features “in, out” lyrics Doo Wop background vocals False start, slower groove than single One version was ten minutes long Includes session brass players Ending fade out used as basis for “Revolution 9” “Good Night” John’s song, given to Ringo to sing Session musicians include harp, orchestra, and children’s choir No other Beatles perform Follows avant garde “Revolution 9” on album – very dramatic contrast Ends White Album “Revolution 9” John and Yoko’s musical montage Formed from “Revolution 1”, becomes own piece Avant garde music created from tape loops in studio John obsessed with number 9 Longest Beatles track released Song dislike by others involved Voted most unpopular Beatles track in music pool Also misinterpreted by Manson Backward use of loops “Not Guilty” George’s song – unreleased until 1996 Meant for White Album Includes Eric Clapton guitar track Acoustic remark by George for 1979 album “What’s the New Mary Jane” John’s song, previously unreleased before 1996 Take 4 features single-tracked vocals with no echo Paul not on recording, Yoko and Mal provide sound effects Loose recording not free-formed, but pre-planned Meant for White Album Let It Be film Filmed rehearsals – rooftop concert is highlight Relations between the Beatles are at their lowest pint – arguments
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Includes Billy Preston on keyboards Beatles are miserable throughout process Let It Be album - Original title is Get Back Beatles decide on no overdubs Concept was to “get back” to energy of earlier live days Recorded in early ’69, released in late ’70, after Abbey Road Later remixed by producer Phil Spector (“Wall of Sound”) and others without group Rehearsal sessions recorded and filmed for movie release Songs included originals and R&R standards Black album design with cover photos, liner notes on back Release of album delayed for film date – Beatles return to studio for Abbey Road , final album Beatles disliked entire project “Get Back” also released as single Live from 1/30/69 rooftop performance Paul writes song in studio – huge hit worldwide Features Billy Preston on electric piano Paul says lyrics are anti-racist Near end, Paul ad-libs vocals as police unplug guitar amps Performed twice in Let It Be Beatles sing last song at last live performance “Two of Us”
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