B413s4f07 - Who discovered X-rays What is ionizing radiation 3 For an x-ray dose of 1 milliGray what fraction is this of the annual dose that an

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Not for hand-in BME-413 Biomedical Instrumentation Some Medical Imaging Study Questions Fall 2007 1. For a 1 cm thickness of bone and fat, and assuming a value of incident x-ray intensity of 1 R, what is the ratio of x-ray intensities transmitted through them. Use the table given in class for the attenuation coefficients and assume that only photoelectric absorption occurs. 2. What is angiography?
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Unformatted text preview: Who discovered X-rays. What is ionizing radiation? 3. For an x-ray dose of 1 milliGray; what fraction is this of the annual dose that an individual accumulates by living on earth? 4. Define radiography. Name and explain three different types of x-ray radiography. (see external links) 5. What are the units of radiation exposure and dose? What are some typical doses in medicine?...
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