Sample_exam_2 - modulus if the matrix young’s modulus is...

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Which of the following materials has been used in an artificial hip? a. Titanium b. Aluminum Oxide c. Ultrahigh molecular weight Polyethylene d. Silicone Elastomers e. None of the above If 4 grains can be seen in a 316L sample in 1 in 2 viewing area at 100X magnification, what is the ASTM grain size number for this sample? a. 8 b. 4 c. 3 d. 2 e. none of the above The quaternary structure of a protein refers to the: f. Three dimensional structure of the protein g. linear sequence of amino acids. h. Interactions between multiple amino acids. i. Local conformation of amino acids. j. None of the above. Morphological Fixation is typically used with ceramic implants that are: j. Dense, nonporous, and nearly inert k. Dense, nonporous, but surface reactive l. Resorbable ceramics that are slowly replaced by bone especially if dense and nonporous. m. Press fit into place. n. None of the above In continous fiber composite with 10 % fiber by Volume, what is the longitudinal young’s
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Unformatted text preview: modulus if the matrix young’s modulus is 10 MPa and the fiber young’s modulus is 200 MPa? o. 12 MPa p. 29 GPa q. 29 MPa r. 12 GPa s. none of the above List 3 purposes of covalently modifying a protein drug with poly(ethylene glycol) PEG and list 1 drawback. (4pts) Consider resorbable calcium phosphate/HA ceramics: List 2 factors that can be used to increase resorbtion rate (and how can you modify that factor to increase the rate). (4pts) If a polymer sample with the fractions shown in the table below is crosslinked so that M c is 5,000 g/mol and the specific volume is 1.0 then what is the crosslink density and the effective number of crosslinks per chain? What is the polydispersity of the sample before crosslinking? (10pts) Number fraction Molecular weight g/mol 0.2 10,000 0.4 30,000 0.2 50,000 0.2 100,000...
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Sample_exam_2 - modulus if the matrix young’s modulus is...

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