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Exam20004 - Problem 5.14 Qtsl A rock ofmass m = l.0 kg tied...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 5.14 Qtsl A rock ofmass m = l.0 kg tied to a string, is spinning rapidly in a circle of radius R = 1.2 m. The string will break ifthe tension in the string exceeds FT,max = 40.0 N t (a) What is the maximum speed Vmax that the rock can have before the sp'ring breaks? (For this problem, ignore gravity. Assume an astronaut is spinning the rock while orbiting the Earth aboard the Space Shuttle.) L mi r. H0.0N K1.— Li‘QON) L2G“) _ m (b) What is the corresponding minimum period Tmin ? R 2" Li 5r: 2W : Jig :; \.0q 5 mm uh»! 6'5 /> Mr 1.09 )4 2 Problem 6.14 21.3) A crystal ball ofmass 2.0 20 m kg is carefully carried by a nervous store clerk from a lower shelfto an upper shelf 1.0 m above and 2.0 m to the right of the lower shelf. The clerk carries the ball first straight up, and then to the right, as shown. final position 10 in initial position a) What was the work done by the store clerk’s hand during this perilous journey? LA : m5 mt : twfltggmflw): was}; how! € I we , 2 b) What was the work done by the force of gravity during the joumey? #406,“ : \rn§>Ah-CO3\89: W“ _| WW 2 an. , L ...
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