Syllabus - Spring 2008

Syllabus - Spring 2008 - BUS 020 Financial Accounting...

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Financial Accounting Spring Quarter 2008 8:10-9:30 a.m., Tues and Thurs Instructor: Rick Warne, PhD Office: AGSM 209 Phone: 951-827-2333 (x2-2333 on campus). Email: Location: Watkins 1000 Office Hours: 9:45-10:45 Tues, Thurs. Other times by appointment. Course Text: Libby, Libby, and Short, Financial Accounting , 5 th Edition Course Objectives: 1. To provide a foundation of the fundamentals for financial accounting. 2. To develop the skills necessary to understand, interpret, and analyze financial statements. 3. To understand how financial information is used by decision makers. 4. To provide students a prospective to apply accounting concepts to both professional and personal settings. Required Materials: 1. Course test book. 2. McGraw-Hill Homework Manager Access Card. Visit libby5e to purchase the homework card ($15). You may also purchase an electronic version of the text book if you desire. 3. Clicker. You may purchase a clicker from the bookstore if you do not have one. All students must register their clicker at . 4. Scantron forms for quizzes and tests. 5. Non-programmable calculator for exams. Expectations: 1. Read the assign chapters before we discuss the material in class. 2. Come to class and take an active part in the class discussions. 3. Ask questions. 4. Use available resources to help you learn the material, including class notes, Power Point presentations, online practice quizzes, homework problems, online reviews, etc. 5. Be ready to answer questions in class, take quizzes, and demonstrate the application of class material to other contexts. 6. Be professional and respectful at all times. Discussion Sessions: Sec 021 – Tuesday 7:10-8:00 a.m. Sec 022 – Thursday 2:10-3:00 p.m. Sec 023 – Friday 8:10-9:00 a.m. You
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Syllabus - Spring 2008 - BUS 020 Financial Accounting...

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