syl - Edward Taehan Chang EtSt 5 Final Exam: June 10: 7-10...

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Edward Taehan Chang Spring 2008 EtSt 5 MW 4-5 Final Exam: June 10: 7-10 p.m. 951-827-1825 [email protected] "Introduction to the Asian American Experience" Purpose Historical amnesia is a major social affliction in the U.S. Many of us do not have a sense of our collective past. Furthermore, the scant history we have received has minimized or obliterated the role of diverse minority groups and cultures. One result of this neglect has been that Asian Americans have been a popularly misunderstood minority group. Asian Americans have been seen as an unassimilable alien and economic threat to the white race or as a "model minority" successfully assimilating into the mosaic of American life. In recent years, Asian American has been a target of anti-Asian bigotry as the trade deficit with Asia increased dramatically. How do we explain the contradictory image of Asian Americans as a "model minority" and a threat to American purity? In this course, we will examine the experiences of Asian Indian, Pilipino, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese within the context of the United States history from 1840s to the1940s. The main purpose is to deepen and expand our understanding of the history of America's peoples in the areas of immigration, community formation, labor market status, and consciousness. Students should come away from the course
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syl - Edward Taehan Chang EtSt 5 Final Exam: June 10: 7-10...

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