(15) Identification Procedures

(15) Identification Procedures - CJ 1123 Criminal Evidence...

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CJ 1123 Criminal Evidence and Procedure (15) Identification Procedures Identification Procedures 15.1Definitions Used for Identification Procedures 3 basic procedures used: Lineups Victim or eyewitness is asked to view a group of ppl and select the offender Rooms used may have marks on the wall to indicate height, special effect lighting that can simulate conditions at crime scene and one way mirrors Showups One suspect is shown to the person who is to make the ID – can be done in the field or at a police facility Photographic Lineups (photo array) Showing pictures Suspect does not have to be in custody 15.2 4 th A Rights During Identification Procedures Police do not have the authority to detain a suspect in order to conduct a line up or show up unless the detention complies with the 4 th A Random and hunch stops are not allowed Ppl may not be detained bc they fit a general description so there will be enough ppl for a lineup Suspect may be detained briefly based on reasonable suspicion ID procedures can be conducted at the scene of this detention PC to arrest is needed to transport to the station – does not have to be for the same crime Can use inmates already in custody for a lineup 4 th A applies to detentions and arrests by police
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(15) Identification Procedures - CJ 1123 Criminal Evidence...

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