Test 1 - BIT 2406 Test 1 1 All of the following are...

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BIT 2406 Test 1 1. All of the following are assumptions of the error terms in the simple linear regression model except Error terms indicate a positive autocorrelation. 2. The following results were obtained as a part of simple regression analysis: r 2 = .9162 F statistic from the F table = 3.59 Calculated value of F from the ANOVA table = 81.87 ! = .05 p-value = .000 The null hypothesis of no linear relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable is rejected 3. For the same set of observations on a specified dependent variable two different independent variables were used to develop two separate simple linear regression models. A portion of the results is presented below. Model 1 Model 2 r 2 = .92 r 2 = .85 s = 1.65 s = 1.91 Based on the results given above, we can conclude that: A prediction based on Model 1 is better than a prediction based on Model 2. 4. The simple linear regression (least squares method) minimizes: SSE 5. The range of feasible values for the multiple coefficient of determination is from
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Test 1 - BIT 2406 Test 1 1 All of the following are...

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