Physics 221 Test #3A Sample

Physics 221 Test #3A Sample - Physics 221 Sample Test #3...

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Physics 221 Sample Test #3 Multiple Choice: Answer each of the following by filling in the correct letter on the accompanying opscan sheet with a #2 pencil. Be sure to use the blue side and read each question carefully. 1. Which of these is the proper unit used to measure momentum? A) N . s B) kg . m/s C) neither of these D) both of these 2. A fire cracker is initially at rest when it blows up into six 23g pieces. Each piece has a velocity of 120m/s. What’s the total momentum immediately after the explosion? A) zero B) 2.76N s C) 16.6N s D) 120N s 3. A 80kg man jumps from a boat to the edge of a dock. If the boat and man were initially at rest and the boat has a mass of 435kg, how fast will it recoil if the man’s speed is 5.5m/s? Assume there are no external forces. A) 1.01m/s B) 6327m/s C) 2.03m/s D) 20.3m/s 4. Two Velcro covered midgets are ice skating when they collide head-on. If one midget is traveling 1.75m/s in the –x direction and the other is traveling 3.25m/s in the +x direction, how fast do they end up traveling if each has the same mass? A) 0.75m/s B) 1.50m/s C) 3.25m/s D) 5.00m/s 5. A grinding wheel is spinning at 3600RPM. If the wheel has a radius of 25cm, what’s the tangential velocity of a point on the circumference? A) 1.57m/s
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Physics 221 Test #3A Sample - Physics 221 Sample Test #3...

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