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Layoffs Are A Necessary Evil? In today’s society people can open any newspaper, and read about employees being laid off by the thousands. This has been exceptionally true for many U.S. Automakers. Economical fluctuations in supply and demand affect every business. This is a known fact to any business owner, so what are companies doing to prevent layoffs? Toyota Motor Manufacturing has only had one layoff in the company history, and the company still manages to make a profit. How is this possible? When Toyota opens a new plant, they hire just enough team members to meet the demands for their vehicles. When demand increases Toyota must find a way to produce more vehicles. External factors such as gas prices, affects the demand for Toyota’s products as well. Toyota’s organizational structure did not include a plan for any layoffs; therefore, Toyota had to make some changes in their human resources strategy. Toyota now has employment services hire temporary employees to help with the increased demand. When the demand goes down,
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