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EE312 – INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING COURSE SYLLABUS: Unique Sections 15700-15725 Spring 2008 – Version 1.0 PROFESSOR: Herb Krasner Email : (the best way to reach me if not in office hours). Office: ENS 423 Office hours: MWF: noon-1pm TEACHING ASSISTANTS (TAs): There are several TAs involved with this course. They will be introduced at the beginning of the semester. Their role is to help you with your programming problems during their lab hours, to assist me with grading and course support, and to run the recitation sections. Their office/lab hours are not yet determined, and will be published later on the Blackboard. The TA for your specific section will be your primary interface to this course, so get to know him/her. GRADERS: T here are several graders associated with this course. Their role is to assist the instructor and TAs with the grading of assignments, homework, exercises, etc. They have no planned office hours and they will have no planned direct interaction with the students. CLASS LECTURE SECTIONS. During lecture sessions the professor will be covering the essential course content material. Unique #s Lecture Meeting time Room all MWF, 11am-11:50am CPE 2.208 RECITATION SECTIONS . Recitation sections: students meet in a smaller, more interactive session once a week with their TAs according to the schedule listed below. TAs will present additional examples, discuss the homework assignments, and answer your questions during these one-hour sessions. This is where you should expect to get most of your general course content questions answered. Unique # Meeting time Room TA 15700 F, 10-11am ECJ 1.214 TBD 15705 F, 10-11am ENS 116 TBD 15710 F, 2-3PM ENS 126 TBD 15715 F, 2-3PM RLM 6.126 TBD 15720 F, 3-4PM ENS 126 TBD 15725 F, 3-4PM ENS 127 TBD
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CLASS WEB PAGE. Course materials (e.g., the syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, etc.) and grades will become available via postings on this course’s UT Blackboard web page as the semester progresses. These will be the main sources of current class information: (i) the daily class announcements, (ii) the programming assignments, (iii) model solutions to programming assignments and exams, (iv) course reading materials, (v) TA office hours, and so on. Make sure you have your section’s BB page bookmarked, and please check it regularly. COURSE OBJECTIVES : To learn: programming skills for problem solving; programming in the C language; elementary data structures; and basic software engineering concepts for imperative programming in the small; identify, formulate, and solve software engineering problems for small programs that are relatively close to the machine's hardware/software interface. See the course schedule on the Blackboard page for more details about the specific topics to be covered over the course of the semester. PREREQUISITES:
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ee312-syllabus-v1 - EE312 INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING...

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