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Unformatted text preview: ENG 220Exam Guide Fall 2007 Part I (50 points) of the Final will include objective material drawn from the entire term, but emphasizing the last half: matching, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, true/false, short answer, etc. Each section will have a slightly different objective exam, so it will be crucial to sit with or near your section. This will also most easily allow your GTF to answer questions if you have them. Part II is worth 100 points (2/3 of the Final Exam grade). Two of the following will appear on the exam; you will choose ONE and write a well-developed, extensive essay of at least 1 hour. Because you will have several days to prepare your answers, this part of the exam weighs more heavily than Part I. You will not, however, be allowed to consult an outline or notes, since desk space is so limited, and protecting the integrity of each exam is difficult. Bring 1 or 2 green/blue books for the essay. We will collect them and redistribute them as you work on the objective portion of the exam.essay....
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