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J201--Final Paper - Emily Adams J201 Final Paper Alina...

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Emily Adams J201 Final Paper Alina Padilla-Miller Television Grey’s Anatomy Target Audience The television show, Grey’s Anatomy has been wildly popular since it debuted in 2005. The drama centers on interns, doctors, and surgeons, all leading their lives in Seattle, Washington. Each character must work through the trials and tribulations that come with being employed at Seattle Grace Hospital, creating a stimulating storyline that millions of people enjoy. Meredith Grey, for whom the show is named, is a white female most likely in her early thirties. Meredith was an intern who has recently become a second-year resident. Her love interest, Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy) is a white male in his mid to late thirties who is the head of Neurosurgery at Seattle Grace. The program concentrates on Meredith and Derek at times, but major plot lines have also been developed for other characters, such as George O’Malley and Cristina Yang. George is a while male in his late twenties, perhaps early thirties, who is an intern. Cristina is an Asian female in her early thirties who, like Meredith, has just become a second-year resident. Based on the profiles of these four main characters, I think the demographic for
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J201--Final Paper - Emily Adams J201 Final Paper Alina...

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