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Chem_370_Handout_03_24_07_a - f PROPERTIES OF...

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Unformatted text preview: f... PROPERTIES OF “GLEQULflR [artisan/51,3 1. 0m is (wean. indeeqmlen‘fi clue, +0 the, Lam—gmwa AWromma‘Hon 2. Tim gguilibvium in‘Eet‘de e9um'fiion I; ____. bondlmffl g is Una infeoa'éomic. Idis'Eane Sop whick UU‘) . has iés Minumum ‘U-q‘oe.’ and. ‘Ekerefiiore. f: de+ermined L3» {z he Qquai‘iofi ___ ' U‘Wej': 0- ‘1' 3- Qiosslcql dissociq‘éion 019933 Be dfif‘hed [33 Q. '14. The. Barman'tc. oscmdor Um t's defmed b3 QPN‘OX Mamba Una“) '60 - ‘ a Uuom = -- De +%Aw‘(r-M, . 3- where {the diq‘hmki Harmonic vikmfional firequ“? 9 and cinch» frequencfl to are. deemed bf} . 1L1 9 -.=. $2.. where. b) a ' '4‘ . an 7 7 A ' 5- The. ethrtmmi-al dISsoc‘qtioa Earner“ 03:03? five. I’l_-‘Ldiq+ofinlg His amen Lu 6 Do a: De w 29m Poi-of enef'fif D.— §k¢z H as q pmxmfien 5+ Nah. Mud Since. Um is inhuman.“th <1. {mm Ewan. (1 {s {new éndemdm b . gram (3\‘ Dg ‘8 ‘ lmlgpmdmi c.. 5m... B543» and m , Umm is ism-u 'tndefifleng age (1- {TON Firm} 3 v chat...) at: “05a”... ngndeh'é q. {rem E%(B\, D6 is, 1:01-qu de9m4%‘€. (/IINéfifi cur-e. i86+¢pg gfhc,‘ from Ecrh‘ r... __isgi~on. indM-mdné __ a u 1'; inc-0. Uutfe'] depms Q1211 N? I: cm“; on UL?) Jul / isosooe dmudai , e'S' M (‘H “C “=- min wk‘le Do is {Sofolia depmehnfi slzflc-e. $Nm Ecrls] in hp; W . '3. E 3. _ ‘N—L—fi isofioeo. ‘Indamden‘i' ...
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