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Assignment 1 - bosss radio show, and now his company has a...

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Michael Pierce MUIN 450 (Fall 2007) 12 October 2007 Assignment #1 1.  a) My employer has established this internship for a very specific purpose. The  position did not exist before I applied for it, because the business is still growing and  expanding. (It was founded in 2005.) I work for the BusinessMakers radio show, which is  broadcast in Houston and soon in L.A. and Chicago. My duty is to listen to broadcasts  after they happen, and then use ProTools to create short highlight clips for the show’s  website. The employer gains a lot, because although he pays me, he is spending much less  than he would if he hired a better-established recording engineer while still getting a good  final product. b) Yes, I believe these goals are totally realistic. I helped create this part of my 
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Unformatted text preview: bosss radio show, and now his company has a more accessible website. c) I am being paid, though my employer considers it a paid internship. 2. (see part 1. a) Because of my position, me employer gains a better website. 3. This internship is extremely useful for me in a number of ways. Firstly, I am building connections with web designers and radio personnel that may be able to hire me after college. Also, I get practice using ProTools whenever I work, so I am becoming quicker and more efficient with the editing tools. I am exited to have the opportunity to grow with a company, and watch them expand to a national level....
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Assignment 1 - bosss radio show, and now his company has a...

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