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Chem 370 Study Guide for Final Exam Tuesday, April 29, 2008 There are four problems on this exam (no essay questions). All four involve melding infrared spectroscopy and ideal gas statistical thermodynamics. Also all four are applications oriented (No basic QM or ST theory) but do not involve excessive numerical calculation. Also the HO-RR approximation is always assumed. Problem 1. (i) Number of T, R, and V degrees of freedom for polyatomic molecules, (ii) T h heat capacities from the equipartion theorem (iii) isotope effects on IR spectra, (iv) the fact that homonuclear diatomics do not have IR spectra, (v) ideal gas mixtures.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2. Given a diatomic IR molecules spectrum determine: (i) molecular properties like and r e , (ii) the IR spectrum of a second isotope of the molecule, (iii) vib and rot for the molecule or one of its isotopes, (iv) thermodynamic properties of a gas comprised of the molecule or one of its isotopes. Problem 3. Use of IR spectra and the Boltzmann distribution to find populations of vibrational and rotational states in an ideal gas. Problem 4. Calculation of the equilibrium constant of simple chemical reaction involving isotopes of the same molecule from IR spectra, masses, etc....
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