Problem_Set_7 - v 1 Antistokes scattering + =-and 2 S...

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CHEM 370 P ROBLEM S ET 7 S PRING 2008 P ROBLEMS FROM M C Q UARRIE AND S IMON From Chapter 17 Problem 17-15 (page 718). Problem 17-43 (page 722). From Chapter 18 Problem 18-7 (page 757) Do this only for NO. Also 0 e e 1 D D hc 2 r - ϖ % . Problem 18-10 (page 757) Do this only for the 0 ν = and 1 ν = states of 2 35 H Cl and compute the fractions rather than make plots. Use Table 18.2 on page 739 which gives data for 1 35 H Cl . Problem 18-12 (page 757). Problem 18-21 (page 759) Use Table 18.4 on page 750. Problem 18-39 (page 761) Classical conditions are obeyed if all non-electronic degrees of freedom obey the classical equipartition theorem. Additional Problem The Raman scattering process can be used to probe the rotational and vibrational transitions of homonuclear diatomic molecules 2 A . The Raman selection rules are: 1 Stokes scattering
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Unformatted text preview: v 1 Antistokes scattering + =-and 2 S branch J 0 Q branch-2 O branch +- =--. Chem 370 Problem Set 7 Spring 2008 Assume that the rotational and vibrational motions of the D 2 molecule are studied by Stokes Raman scattering using visible incident light of wavelength 488.0nm = . Sketch assuming the HO-RR model applies the vibrational-rotational Stokes Raman spectrum of a gas of D 2 molecules at T 300K = . In this sketch give the numerical values of the wavenumbers ' of scattered light for the Q-branch line, the first S-branch line, and the first O-branch line; and, in a qualitatively correct manner, show the relative Boltzmann intensities of all of the lines. Use Table 13.2 on p. 499. 2...
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Problem_Set_7 - v 1 Antistokes scattering + =-and 2 S...

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