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Study_Guide_Exam_2 - using even and odd function...

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Chem 370 Spring 2008 Study Guide for Exam 2 Problem 1. Quantum versus classical pictures of motion. Emphasize such features as zero point motion, classically forbidden behavior and so on. This problem is an "essay" question, the only one on the test. Problem 2. General features of average values for stationary and nonstationary states. Results do not depend on the specific nature of the system and so problem does not involve integrations over wavefunctions with a specific mathematical form. Problem 3. (i) Calculation of average values for the 1D harmonic oscillator stationary states
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Unformatted text preview: using even and odd function arguments. (ii) Calculation of quantum integrals using spherical polar coordinates. This problem differs from problem 2 in that it requires the mathematical forms of the wavefunctions. Problem 4. (i) Calculation of probability distributions and average values for a nonstationary state of the 1D harmonic oscillator. Again specific form of the wavefunction is needed. Orthogonality and even odd arguments are needed (ii) Completion of Problem 4 which is somewhat more complex than part(i) and thus is made an EXTRA CREDIT PROBLEM worth 15 points....
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