100b assignments 06

100b assignments 06 - 10 lab participation grade determined...

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PSYCHOLOGY 100B - COURSE EXERCISES (in approx. order) *1. EXPERIMENT 1 (STROOP, 2 LEVELS) - t TEST [graded paper due ( 5% 2. EXPERIMENT 2 (LEVELS OF PROCESSING) - one-way ANOVA, posttests [no graded paper]. 3. CRITICAL EVALUATIONS I (workbook) [no graded paper]. 4. CRITICAL EVALUATIONS OF FACTORIAL DESIGNS EXERCISE - two-way ANOVA (workbook) [no graded paper]. 5. COUNTERBALANCING EXERCISE [no graded paper]. 6. FACTORIAL DESIGNS ANALYSIS EXERCISE (workbook) [no graded paper]. *7. FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL (workbook pages) [graded pages due ( 10% )]. 8. CRITICAL EVALUATIONS II (workbook) [no graded paper]. *9. FINAL PROJECT, first submission [graded paper due ( 15% ): *10. FINAL PROJECT, final submission [graded paper due ( 30% ): full report]. NOTE . All exercises without assigned graded papers contribute to the
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Unformatted text preview: 10% lab participation grade determined by the TA (along with attendance, participation and APA worksheets). The remaining 30% of the grade is based on one multiple-choice exam given on Monday, the last week of class. The exam will cover all assigned readings, laboratory-type exercise questions, and the Monday lectures. 100B – TA only SS#A 10% Lab Performance Portion (suggested breakdown):-- attendance/participation __________ 25%-- 3 APA worksheets __________ 25%-- exercises __________ 50%-critical eval I-critical eval II-critical eval factorial-factorial data analysis-final-project preliminary data analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------------Weights for Spreadsheets Stroop Method 5/70 Proposal 10/70 First Submission 15/70 Final Paper 30/70 Lab Performance 10/70...
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This note was uploaded on 06/29/2008 for the course PSYCH 100A taught by Professor Marken during the Spring '07 term at UCLA.

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100b assignments 06 - 10 lab participation grade determined...

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